Health and Safety at Work for Dummies

You can't afford to run a business that doesn't provide a safe work environment. Be smart, safe and proactive with the help of this essential guide.

  • Offers an easy-to-follow overview for getting started with health and safety
  • Provides tips and advice for planning your health and safety management
  • Includes guidance on monitoring and reviewing your health and safety systems
  • Clearly demonstrates how to organise and motivate your workforce to comply with rules and regulations

Health and Safety at Work For Dummies
Health and Safety at Work For Dummies Book Image

Health and Safety at Work For Dummies


Get a health & safety plan in place to avoid dangerous and costly mistakes

Are you complying with health and safety regulations in the workplace? This authoritative guide provides critical information needed to adhere to health and safety regulations. It also offers expert help on ensuring workplace safety, controlling health risks, following regulations, and more.

  • Put health and safety in its place - lead, train, and empower your workforce while boosting your profits and staying legal
  • Remove the risk - get to know the triggers for violence, indicators for stress and signs of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Manage machinery - drill down into hazards, control risks, make safeguards count, train your team and restrict use appropriately
  • Fan the flames - discover common causes and accelerant factors of fire, assess risk and select options for fire prevention and protection
  • Get the chemistry right - understand chemical health risks, store chemicals safely, and find out how to deal with asbestos

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