RRC's NEBOSH National General Certificate (NG/NGC) Course

The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NGC) provides a broad understanding of health & safety issues and is an essential qualification for anyone with health and safety responsibilities as part of their role or working in Health & Safety.

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The NEBOSH NGC is the UK's most popular health and safety qualification
Choose how you study with RRC: Online, Classroom or In-Company, Plus Revision & Textbooks
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The NEBOSH Level 3 Certificate is highly respected by employers in all sectors and is a vital first step for those wanting a long and successful career in HSE.

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Benefits of achieving the NEBOSH Certificate:

  • Boost your career prospects; NEBOSH Certificates are highly valued by employers globally
  • For information about Professional Recognitions click here

RRC is a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner offering the NEBOSH NGC worldwide:

  • Online: Flexible, self paced study, around 130 hours of study – worldwide
  • Live Online: Real time interactive virtual workshops, 10 Days - worldwide
  • Revision: Classroom & Live Online one day workshop
  • Classroom: Tutor Led Course, 10 days - venues throughout the UK
  • In-Company Training: worldwide

RRC offer you a premium service as a NEBOSH National General Certificate provider:

  • RRC is a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner - Guaranteeing you the best learning experience with your NEBOSH Qualification
  • Over 85% of RRC students have successfully completed their NEBOSH Qualification
  • 90+ years experience in training & education
  • 45 years experience in delivering health & safety training
  • Choice of learning methods
  • Teaching and support from a team of 50 expert tutors
  • Eligible for TOTUM Pro membership

RRC's NEBOSH National General Certificate Content

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is based on UK law. It is made up of two units that must be successfully completed within five years to achieve the NEBOSH qualification:

Unit NG1: Management of Health and Safety

  • Why we should manage workplace health and safety
  • How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  • Managing risk - understanding people and processes
  • Health and safety monitoring and measuring

Unit NG2: Risk Assessment

  • Physical and psychological health
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Chemical and biological agents
  • General workplace issues
  • Work equipment
  • Fire
  • Electricity


  • Unit NG1 is assessed by a scenario based assessment completed at home. You have 24 hours to complete this.
  • Unit NG2 is assessed by a practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace)

Exams are held every month throughout the year.

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate ONLINE

  • Available 24/7 Worldwide
  • Around 130 hours of study (can be completed in 3-9 months)
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method

Online Learning with RRC

  • Flexible, self paced study
  • Exams completed at your home and workplace
  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors
  • Full PDF copy of the study text to download for offline study
  • RRC Guaranteed Support & Money Back Guarantee
  • Interest Free Payment Plans
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Overview of the RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Live Online

  • Real time live Zoom classes delivering a classroom learning environment in the comfort of your own home
  • Provides structured learning with scheduled dates
  • Available worldwide - classes run 09:00 to 17:00 UK time
  • Live Online (Time Zone: GMT/BST)
    NG1: 29 Jul-2 Aug 2024
    NG2: 12-16 Aug 2024

Live Online Learning with RRC

  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive live online study. Each day includes a combination of:
    • live Zoom sessions with an experienced RRC tutor
    • topical presentations
    • activities that stimulate discussion with fellow learners and the tutor
    • collaborative activities and group exercises
  • Exams completed at your home and workplace
  • Guaranteed support until you complete your course
  • Unlimited support from RRC’s Trainer Team & Customer Services Team throughout your studies.
  • Full PDF copy of the RRC's comprehensive study text to download to all your devices to study offline.
Overview of our Live Online Courses

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Classroom

  • 2 week course (10 days) + assessments
  • Ideal for those who like a traditional, structured learning environment away from their workplace
  • London
    NG1: 29 Jul-2 Aug 2024
    NG2: 12-16 Aug 2024
    NG1: 23-27 Sep 2024
    NG2: 14-18 Oct 2024
  • Manchester
    NG1: 23-27 Sep 2024
    NG2: 14-18 Oct 2024
  • Newcastle
    NG1: 21-25 Oct 2024
    NG2: 11-15 Nov 2024

Classroom Learning with RRC

  • Expert teaching from RRC's highly experienced fully NEBOSH approved trainers
  • Professional training environment - providing the perfect environment to learn with refreshments throughout the day.
  • World class learning resources - access to RRC’s online resources from the moment you register, and full colour printed study texts supplied on the first day of your course
  • Exams completed at your home and workplace
  • Advice and support from the RRC Trainer & Customer Service Teams
  • RRC Guaranteed Support & Interest Free Instalment Plans

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Revision Workshops

  • Live Online Revision Workshops: One Day covering NG1 & NG2
  • Ensuring you are fully prepared for the NG1 & NG2 assessments
  • Live Online (Time Zone: GMT/BST)
    NG1: 2 Aug 2024
    NG1: 22 Aug 2024
    NG2: 2 Aug 2024
    NG2: 22 Aug 2024

Led by RRC's expert tutors, RRC's NGC Revision Workshops are designed to enable you to be fully prepared for your NG1 Open Book Exam and NG2 Practical Assessment. Over the course of a workshop you will:

  • Identify key topics essential for success in the assessments
  • Discuss how to effectively prepare for the NG1 Open Book Exam
  • Learn how to tackle NG1 Questions
  • Learn how to successfully complete the NGC Practical Assessment
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Revision Guides

  • Revision Guides - Concise notes and exam practice, available as printed books or PDF downloads
  • Perfect for revising for your NEBOSH NGC Exams
RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Revision Books
RRC’s NEBOSH Certificate Revision Guides combine concise revision notes along with guidance on how to tackle the assessments - for a fully effective revision tool to help you achieve NEBOSH Success. Key features are:
  • Concise overview of all the key NEBOSH syllabus topics
  • Guidance on how to successfully complete the assessments
  • Available as either printed A5 booklets or electronic PDF files

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate TEXTBOOKS

  • Designed to fully support students throughout their studies
  • Full colour, illustrated textbooks covering the complete NEBOSH National General Certificate syllabus
  • Developed by a team of expert NEBOSH tutors working closely with educational experts and feedback from our customers
  • eBook available
RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate Textbooks

RRC Textbooks

All our materials are designed to be easy to use and understand. They include:
  • Complete Coverage of the NEBOSH National General Certificate syllabus
  • Key Information summarised at the start of each section
  • Explanations of words or phrases that may be unfamiliar
  • References to sources of further information
  • Revision Questions to test your knowledge as you progress

Essential Reference

The RRC Guide to Health & Safety Law – is an essential reference covering all the UK legislation you will need to reference to effectively study the NEBOSH National General Certificate.

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate IN-COMPANY

RRC is a fully approved NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner and can help you cost-effectively train your staff.

  • In-Company Classroom or Live Online: effective and cost & time efficient, available worldwide
  • Training Contracts: send your staff to our open Classroom or Live Online courses at discounted rates
  • Online: flexible, self paced study, ideal for training teams across multiple sites, with discounts on standard fees for bulk licences
  • Bespoke: courses can be tailored to meet your specific sector and/or translated into any language

Why Businesses Choose the RRC NEBOSH National General Certificate (NGC):

  • Course approved and examined by NEBOSH, an internationally recognised health & safety body
  • Certificate issued by NEBOSH, guaranteeing quality of training and delegates achievement
  • High quality training guaranteed through RRC's Gold status in the NEBOSH Learning Partner Scheme 
  • Improved productivity & profitability through:
    • Reduction in accidents and safety incidents
    • Improved workforce satisfaction through increased safety awareness throughout the organisation
    • Enhanced reputation with customers and suppliers
    • Reduction in costs arising from avoidable insurance claims and legal fees

RRC's NEBOSH General Certificate FAQs

How does the new NG1 assessment work?

NEBOSH NG1 exam format changed on 1 July 2020.

The NG1 exam is undertaken at home in what is called an “Open Book” exam.  Exam papers will be sent at a notified time and you will then have 24 hours to complete and return them. The exam should only take a few hours to complete and the 24 hours is to meet the needs of all learners in different time zones around the world.

The exam itself comprises scenario based questions, where you will be given a set scenario(s) and asked questions which test the knowledge you would have gained studying the course. You will be able to access books, but must document all the sources you reference.  This is extremely important as NEBOSH will be using software to check that answers are not just copied from textbooks.

After the exam you will be interviewed by a Tutor who will be checking that you have an understanding of the responses you gave in the exam along with checking your ID.

You must fully revise the course before taking the exam and we suggest making detailed notes to refer to as you are undertaking the assessment.

Where can I sit my exam?

The NG1 exam is completed at home. The NG2 practical assessment is undertaken at your workplace. There is no need to attend an assessment centre.

How does the assessment work?

There are two assessments, one per Unit and both must be passed within 5 years.

  • Unit NG1 is assessed by an open book, scenario based assessment which is completed at home and should take around 4 hours to complete
  • Unit NG2 is assessed by a practical assessment, this will be marked by NEBOSH and if you are unsuccessful you will be allowed to improve your work and resubmit at the next exam date

Pass Standards

  • Unit NG1: 45 marks
  • Unit NG2: Pass (Only Pass or Fail available for this assessment)

The qualification grade is based on the result from Unit IG1

  • Distinction: 75 marks or higher
  • Credit: 65-74 marks
  • Pass: 45-64 marks

You can however choose to resit NG1 even if you have passed to improve your grade.

Can I study NG2 before I complete NG1?

NG1 should be studied before the NG2 practical assessment is undertaken.

Whilst the NG2 assessment primarily assesses elements 5 – 11, the knowledge from elements 1.1, 1.2 and 3.4 is required to complete the assessment.

How long does the Certificate take to complete?

This will depend on how you choose to study. The Classroom and Live Online courses are taught over is 2 weeks (10 days) plus assessments. For Online study on average, learners complete this course in around 3-6 months.

What does Gold Learning Partner mean?

RRC are delighted to have been evaluated as a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, the highest level in the NEBOSH Learning Partner programme.

NEBOSH introduced a Learning Partner Programme in September 2019 which recognises those Learning Partners that provide learners with the best possible learning experience. 

All NEBOSH Learning Partners have been classified based on their performance against the programme’s principles which represent global best practice in the provision of course tuition and support. The key principles are:

  • Ensure all learners understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from their Learning Provider
  • Create a learning environment that is engaging and encourages interaction that is appropriate for the course and type of delivery
  • Provide accurate course materials and continually update and improve them
  • Ensure tutors are qualified, knowledgeable, competent and engaging
  • Give learners feedback on their progress and provide appropriate support
  • Review course delivery and learner feedback and action as necessary

Learning Partner Status

Learning Partners can be identified as follows:

  • Gold – greatly exceeds the principles
  • Silver – exceeds the principles
  • Bronze – meets the principles

Can I try the Online course before I enrol?

Yes, you can sign up for a free e-learning trial here.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

Course fees can be paid in up to a maximum of four monthly instalments. For UK customers instalments can be paid over 10 months. Click here for more information.

What is the difference between Live Online, online, elearning and distance learning?

Live Online is delivered in real time through Zoom and is very similar to a classroom course. The tutor will deliver the course with breaks to allow time for group work, exercises, and private study.

Online & elearning are just different words for the same thing and mean a flexible, self study course delivery with tutor support that can be accessed via email. Distance Learning, means learning at a distance but is commonly used to describe the more traditional paper based study, RRC do provide the complete study text which you can download and study off line thus giving you the option of how you study the course

What is the difference between the National and International General Certificate?

The National Certificate is based on UK legislation and is recognised worldwide. The International Certificate is based on International Standards of Best Practice and is recognised by employers outside of the UK.

Is the Certificate I receive the same if I study Online as when I study in the classroom?

Yes, the Certificate is the exact same. You cannot tell the method of study from the Certificate.

What can I study once I have completed the Certificate?

If you are looking to study a higher level H&S qualification, the NEBOSH Diploma will be the most suitable course to study.

Alternatively, you can broaden your knowledge by studying one or more of the more specialist NEBOSH Certificate courses.

Do I have to study the Health & Safety at Work Award (HSA) course first?

No. The Certificate can be studied by students with no prior health and safety experience.

What educational level is the NEBOSH General Certificate?

The General Certificate is a level 3 qualification (EQF) which is the equivalent to A-levels in the UK.

Which Professional Recognitions am I eligible for with the NEBOSH National General Certificate

Please visit our Professional Recognition page for the full list of recognitions you are eligible for with the NEBOSH National General Certificate.

What happens if I fail the assessment(s)?

If you do not pass either (or both) of your assessments, you can book a resit with our exams team.

For NG2 (the practical assessment) you will receive feedback from the NEBOSH examiner which will help to improve your work. You can then resubmit at the next exam date.

Can the exams be completed online?

Exams are undertaken at home and in the workplace and are submitted online.

Can I buy past exam papers?

As NEBOSH changed the method of assessment as of 1 July 2020, previous exam papers will not be useful in your studies.

Am I eligible for TOTUM Pro membership?

Yes, when you study the NEBOSH National General Certificate with RRC you are eligible to sign up for TOTUM Pro. This is a discount scheme that gives you access to exclusive discounts, offers and vouchers from hundreds of retailers. You can find out more about the scheme here.

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