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IOSH Managing Safely® is designed for anyone in a management or supervisory role, in any sector or country. The IOSH Certificate course provides the essential knowledge and understanding of how to manage health & safety responsibilities in the workplace. 

IOSH Managing Safely provides the skills and knowledge to Manage Safely 
Choose how you study: Online, Classroom or In-Company
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Benefits of Achieving the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate

  • Enables you to assess and control risks and hazards
  • Provides a full understanding of your responsibilities for safety and health
  • Enables you to investigate incidents
  • Empowers you to measure your own performance against good practice

RRC are IOSH Approved to deliver IOSH Managing Safely worldwide

  • Online: Flexible, self paced study, around 25 hours of study - worldwide
  • Live Online: Real time interactive virtual workshops, 3 Days - worldwide
  • Classroom: Tutor led Course, 3 days
  • In-Company Training: worldwide

RRC offer you more than any other IOSH provider:

  • 90+ years experience in training & education
  • 45 years experience in delivering health & safety training
  • Choice of learning methods
  • Above average pass rates
  • Teaching and support from a team of 50 expert tutors

IOSH Managing Safely Course Content

IOSH Managing Safely has 7 units (modules):
  • Introducing Managing Safely
  • Assessing Risk
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding Responsibilities
  • Understanding Hazards
  • Investigating Incidents
  • Measuring Performance


IOSH Managing Safely is assessed by a 30 question mixed format exam and a short practical assessment (a workplace risk assessment) completed at the end of the course. If you are studying Online your exam is online and the practical assessment is completed at your workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely ONLINE

Complete your IOSH Training online with RRC

  • Available 24/7 Worldwide
  • Around 25 hours of study (can be completed in 1-3 months)
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method

Online Learning with RRC

  • Flexible, self paced study
  • Exams completed at your home or workplace
  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors
  • Full PDF copy of the study text to download for offline study
  • RRC Guaranteed Support & Money Back Guarantee
  • Interest Free Payment Plans
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Overview of the IOSH Managing Safely Online Course

IOSH Managing Safely Live Online

  • Real time live Zoom classes delivering a classroom learning environment in the comfort of your own home
  • Provides structured learning with scheduled dates
  • Available worldwide - classes run 09:00 to 17:00 UK time
  • Live Online (Time Zone: GMT/BST)
    IOSH MS: 30 Jul-1 Aug 2024

Live Online Learning with RRC

  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive live online study. Each day includes a combination of:
    • live Zoom sessions with an experienced RRC tutor
    • topical presentations
    • activities that stimulate discussion with fellow learners and the tutor
    • collaborative activities and group exercises
  • Exams completed at your home and workplace
  • Guaranteed support until you complete your course
  • Unlimited support from RRC’s Trainer Team & Customer Services Team throughout your studies.
  • Full PDF copy of the RRC's comprehensive study text to download to all your devices to study offline.

Overview of our Live Online Courses

IOSH Managing Safely Classroom

  • 3 day course including assessment
  • Ideal for those who like a traditional, structured learning environment away from their workplace
  • London
    IOSH MS: 20-22 Aug 2024
  • Birmingham
    IOSH MS: 9-11 Jun 2025
    IOSH MS: 4-6 Nov 2024
  • Manchester
    IOSH MS: 23-25 Jun 2025
  • Newcastle
    IOSH MS: 18-20 Nov 2024

Classroom Learning with RRC

  • Expert teaching from highly experienced IOSH approved trainers.
  • Professional training environment - providing the perfect environment to learn with refreshments throughout the day.
  • World class learning resources - access to RRC’s online resources from the moment you register, and full colour printed RRC study texts supplied on the first day of your course.
  • Advice and support from the RRC Trainer & Customer Service Teams.
  • RRC Guaranteed Support & Interest Free Instalment Plans.

IOSH Managing Safely In-Company

RRC is IOSH approved to deliver IOSH Managing Safely and can help you cost-effectively train your staff.

  • In-Company Classroom and Live Online: effective and cost & time efficient. Available Worldwide.
  • Training Contracts: send your staff to our open classroom or live online courses at discounted rates
  • Online: ideal for training teams across multiple sites, with discounts on standard fees for bulk licences
  • Bespoke: courses can be tailored to meet your specific sector and/or translated into any language
  • Multiple Languages Available: RRC can deliver this course:
    • Classroom: English, French & Arabic
    • Live Online: English & French

Why Businesses Choose IOSH Managing Safely:

  • Course approved and examined by IOSH, an internationally recognised health & safety body
  • Certificate issued by IOSH, guaranteeing quality of training and delegates achievement
  • Improved productivity & profitability through:
    • Reduction in accidents and safety incidents
    • Improved workforce satisfaction through increased safety awareness throughout the organisation
    • Enhanced reputation with customers and suppliers
    • Reduction in costs arising from avoidable insurance claims and legal fees

IOSH Managing Safely FAQs

How long does it take to complete the course?

The classroom course is held over 3 days and the online course is around 25 hours of study which can be completed in 1-3 months

Can I try the online course before I enrol?

Yes, you can sign up for a free Online course trial here.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

Course fees can be paid in up to a maximum of four monthly instalments. For UK customers instalments can be paid over 10 months. Click here for more information.

What is the difference between online, elearning and distance learning?

Online & elearning are just different words for the same thing. Distance Learning, means learning at a distance but is commonly used to describe the more traditional paper based study, RRC do provide the complete study text which you can download and study off line thus giving you the option of how you study the course

How do the assessments work?

There is a multiple choice exam and short practical assessment to complete at the end of the course.
If studying online, the assessments will be completed online.

Can I complete a practice paper before sitting my exam?

There are practice questions throughout the course, and at the end of each element of the online course to practice before sitting the exam.

Do I have to pay VAT if I am based outside the UK?

Only companies outside of the UK who can provide a valid VAT number will be exempt from VAT. All individuals irrespective of their location will have to pay VAT.

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