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After completing your NEBOSH, IOSH or IEMA qualification with RRC, you will be sent your certificate either from RRC or the awarding body directly. Depending on the course you have completed, the timeframe for receiving your certificate will vary. Below are details for the different awarding bodies and qualification levels. If you have lost your original certificate, there are details of how to request a replacement.

If you have any further questions regarding your Certificate, please email certificate@rrc.co.uk

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NEBOSH Certificate Information

Upon completion of your NEBOSH course, you will be issued your certificate or certificates. Based on the level of qualification, the process for receiving your certificate will vary. The below information outlines the process for the different qualification levels. Please allow 6 weeks for RRC to process and dispatch certificates. If you have any questions regarding your NEBOSH Certificate, please email certificate@rrc.co.uk.

NEBOSH Awards and Certificates

For all NEBOSH Award and Certificate level qualifications you will receive one physical certificate once all units have been completed. These are issued from NEBOSH to RRC within 20 working days of the official results date. They are then processed by RRC, who will contact you directly to arrange dispatch. 

NEBOSH Diploma

For NEBOSH Diploma level qualifications you will receive 1 physical certificate for each unit, plus a final parchment once the entire course is completed. For Diploma students based in the UK, you will receive your certificates and final parchments directly from NEBOSH. As such, it is important that you ensure your postal address is up-to-date. You can update your address either by contacting RRC, or NEBOSH directly.

IOSH Certificate Information

Once you have completed your IOSH qualification, you will receive one physical copy of your certificate. RRC will contact you to arrange despatch. Please allow 6 weeks for RRC to contact you.

IEMA Certificate Information

For the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management and IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management, you will receive 1 electronic membership certificate directly from IEMA. This will be emailed to you, and can take up to 3 weeks to be sent.

You will also be sent 1 physical copy of your certificate. These are sent from IEMA to RRC, who will then contact you to arrange despatch. Please allow 6 weeks for RRC to contact and send your certificate.

Missing and Replacement Certificates

It normally takes around 6 weeks from receipt of certificates at our offices for us to process and contact you to arrange delivery. If you booked directly with RRC and have not received an email regarding your certificate within 8 weeks of your results notification, please contact certificate@rrc.co.uk.

If you have lost your certificate and would like a replacement, RRC can provide an electronic copy for certificates issued after March 2021. If you certificate is older, or you need a new physical copy:

  • NEBOSH - please refer to the NEBOSH replacement certificate policy here and Learner's fees list here
  • IOSH & IEMA - replacement certificates must be requested by RRC, so please contact certificate@rrc.co.uk. Fees apply.


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