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What to do if you are dissatisfied with the service you receive

RRC aims to ensure that it fully meets its obligations under the Learning Agreement and that all of our students are fully satisfied with the service they receive.  However, if you feel we have not met our obligations under the Learning Agreement or you are dissatisfied with any other aspect of the service you have received from RRC we would welcome your comments on the matter.  We will take the matter seriously and will conduct a full investigation into your grievance.

1. Submit your complaint in writing

In order for us to investigate your grievance we will require you to submit your complaint to us in writing. You should include any supporting documentation you may have.

You can send your complaint by post to:

RRC Administrator
RRC International
27-37 Tuition House
St George’s Road
SW19 4DS

Or send it by email to customer.services@rrc.co.uk

2. Response from RRC

You will receive a response from us within three working days of receipt. We will advise you who will be handling your complaint and will log your complaint on our system.

3. Investigation by RRC

We will thoroughly investigate your grievance and write to you with our response within 14 days of receipt, at which point we hope we will have resolved the problem.  If we are unable to fully investigate the matter within the 14-day period we will advise you of the reason for the delay and give you a specific date by which we will make a full response.  This will be no longer than 28 days after receipt of your original complaint.

4. Escalation of your Complaint

If you are not happy with our response, please write to us again, explaining why you are not satisfied with the response you received. Your complaint will be escalated to a member of the Senior Management Team who will consider your case and will respond to you within 14 days.

Independent Adjudication

If, at this stage, you are still unhappy with the decision reached by RRC, you may address your concerns to an external organisation for independent adjudication. For example, you will find NEBOSH’s complaints procedure on their website: www.nebosh.org.ukPlease note that at the conclusion of the NEBOSH complaints process, if the NEBOSH qualification is accredited by SQA Accreditation and the assessment took place within the UK, the student may also seek regulatory advice from SQA Accreditation.

Please contact RRC for options relevant to your course of study and the nature of your grievance.

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