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NEBOSH Open-Book Exams

NEBOSH Diploma - New Syllabus Information

NEBOSH launched their revised syllabus for the

There are no transitional arrangements in place so any Unit passes from the current qualification cannot be transferred to the new syllabus.

NEW Syllabus Structure & Content

The new syllabi have 3 units each, with the removal of Unit DNI. The assessment is reduced to 3 assessments, an assignment and 2 case studies, all which can be completed at home or in the workplace so no need to attend an exam centre.

There have been some significant changes in content but the most important is the removal of all content that was covered in the NEBOSH General Certificate. However, this content will still be examinable so it is important that learners have studied the General Certificate before starting on the new Diploma.

There is some new content but, with the removal of the Certificate content, the notional learning hours are reduced to 335 (UK) / 329 (International), plus a further 140 hours designated for the assessment.

The structure of the new course is:

Unit Ref
Unit Title
Total Hours
Self Study
Unit N/ID1
Know – workplace health and safety principles
ND1 - 195; ID1 189
ND1 - 77; ID1 71
Unit ND2
Do – controlling workplace health issues
Unit ND3
Do – controlling workplace health issues

The key areas of new content are:

  • Unit N/ID1 - Based on Units A/IA content, it has been restructured and has around 25% new content added. New/updated content includes: Role of Insurers, Leadership, Culture, Human Behaviour, Traditional versus Proactive Safety Management, High Reliability Organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Change Management, H&S in Supply Chain, Contribute to Legal Actions (ND only)
  • Unit N/ID2 - Based on Units B/IB content, it has been restructured and has around 15% new content added. New/updated content includes: Electricity / Use of Electrical Equipment, Construction Excavation & Demolition, Lone Working, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Health Surveillance, Health and Safety Monitoring Unit.
  • N/ ID3- Based on Unit C/IC content, it has been restructured and has around 10% new content added. New/updated content includes: Workplace Transport & Driving, Construction Excavation & Demolition


Units N/ID1 is assessed by an assignment (in four parts - simulations, workplace based activities, reflective tasks and a research project). Part of the assessment will require learners to undertake some workplace-based activities so need to ensure that they select a suitable workplace/organisation.

Units N/ID2 & N/ID3 will be assessed by a case study (simulation only) - we have no further details at this time.

First Assessment Dates

  • N/ID1 - Assessment release: 8 September 2021, to be completed by 20 October 2021
    Thereafter March and September each year
  • N/ID2 - Assessment release: 10 November 2021 to be completed by 8 December 2021
    Thereafter May and November each year
  • N/ID3 - Assessment release: 13 January 2022, to be completed 10 February 2022
    Thereafter January and July each year

Current RRC Learners

All Learners on the existing syllabi can transfer if they wish to the new syllabus. Those wishing to transfer have until 31 July 2021 to avoid RRC transfer fees, there will however be additional NEBOSH charges as they have increased their fees.

For those remaining on the current syllabi, key dates are:

NEBOSH Exam Availability

The last date for re-sits will be:

  • Unit IA, IB & IC: July 2026
  • Unit DNI: May 2026

RRC Support

RRC will continue to provide support to our Learners until the last exam date.

We will stop accepting new enrolments on the current syllabus courses as of 31 August 2021 but will continue to provide relevant updates through supplementary materials .

NEBOSH Open-Book Exams

For anyone studying:

A new 'open-book' exam was introduced in August 2020 to replace the previous invigilated exam. This new format allows candidates to complete their qualification without needing to attend an exam venue, while maintaining the high standards and robust assessment strategy for which NEBOSH are renowned.

To complement the information NEBOSH have provided about the open-book exam on their website, we have put together a guide with an emphasis on how to prepare, approach the exam questions, and how to properly reference materials which can be dowloaded at Guide to the NEBOSH General Certificate Open-Book Exam

NEBOSH have put together a helpful area on their website which they are regularly updating. We urge you to bookmark it and check it often.

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