NEBOSH Exam Preparation

NEBOSH Exam Preparation

Good revision and exam preparation is essential to achieving good marks and passing your NEBOSH exam. To help you prepare fully, RRC offer a range of revision support to provide the extra help you may need for your NEBOSH Certificate & Diploma exams:

  • Revision Workshops - London & Dubai - expert tutors ensuring you are fully prepared for the exam 
  • Revision Guides – essential exam preparation, combining concise notes on the course and comprehensive exam preparation. Available in printed or PDF booklets

Free Revision Resources

The RRC Blog

The RRC Tutor Blog contains essential reading for all students of NEBOSH courses and here are a few must read posts to start your exploration of our tutors wisdom.

Free NEBOSH Revision and Exam Guidance 

Here are some FREE downloads and information to help with your NEBOSH exam preparation.


Secrets of Examination Technique - Diploma

Passing an examination is never easy - but that is surely what makes them worth the effort.  This short Guide looks at the Key Action Verbs used by NEBOSH in the NEBOSH Diploma Exam questions, what they mean and how to approach the answer.

Secrets of Examination Technique - Certificate

Understanding what the examiners expect is essential in answering exam questions.  This short Guide looks at the Key Action Verbs used by NEBOSH in the NEBOSH Certificate Exam questions, what they mean and how to approach the answer.


NEBOSH Diploma Revision Webinar

In this recorded webinar, Dr T. takes you through how to develop an effective revision plan for the NEBOSH Diploma, including advice on revision techniques, choosing which topics to revise, and exam techniques.


Episode 14: NEBOSH Marking and Standards 

Some think the NEBOSH exams are unattainable and riddled with unfairness and inconsistencies. The truth is quite different. In this podcast David Towlson and Dee Arp, Standards Manager at NEBOSH, dispel these and some other myths surrounding the NEBOSH Diploma. Meanwhile, John Caruthers, our resident devil's advocate, tries to gain the Diploma using only his wit, charm and... a credit card.

Episode 17: NEBOSH Exams - Revision

Tackling exams can be an unpleasant business. Even worse is the revision beforehand. Avoidance is always an option but here the team, together with Dee Arp of NEBOSH, give tips to students on getting through the process relatively unscathed.

Episode 22: Exam Help From Goldilocks

David Towlson tries to persuade us that children's stories have a particular place in training. He is joined by Dee Arp of NEBOSH and together they attempt to convince the sceptical Toby Moore of the value of a closer understanding of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and exactly how it can help in exams.

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