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At RRC, we believe that providing training and consultancy services is something you can only do well if you have really good people.

We have an effective mix of experience and innovative ideas that gives us the edge over others and allows us to consistently deliver exceptionally high customer satisfaction and above-average completion and exam pass rates.

The RRC team is based in London, Dubai, Scotland & Spain

  • Direct Line +44 (0)208 944 3100
  • UK Freephone 0800 756 9410
  • Skype rrctraining
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RRC Management Team

Excellence in our Customer Service is a key strategic objective for RRC. That importance recognised by the RRC Directors, who have managing responsibility for the whole organisation.

Managing Director – Richard

Directors – Hasan, Vicky, Andrew and Nick

RRC Tutor Team

At RRC we are not solely interested in teaching to pass tests. We also aim to provide the deeper knowledge and understanding required to work better and more safely. 

Our team trains and supports thousands of students each year, with over 98% rating their experience with our trainer team as 'good' or 'excellent'. The happy by-product is our above-average exam pass rates. 

  • Key Skills – the ability to get the very best out of our students.
  • Role – delivering training and consultancy throughout the world, working with RRC’s Development Team to develop and maintain courses, supporting students and customers to ensure they get the best from RRC’s courses and services.

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RRC's Customer Service Teams

The Customer Service Team oversees all areas of Customer Services. They ensure that at RRC we not only meet, but beat the expectations of all our customers - from your initial enquiry through to the successful completion of your course.

RRC Customer Advisory Team

Making sure our customers choose the right course for them is the essential starting point for their success. Our Customer Advisory Team provide friendly, honest, detailed advice, guidance and support for all of those contacting RRC, advising on their choice of course and the learning methods most suitable for them. The team ensure all enquiries are responded to as quickly as possible and all orders are processed on the day they are received.

Team Leader – Charlene
Customer Advisors – Aamna, David, Leia, Sam and Izzy

RRC Customer Care Team

Looking after our customers is really important to ensure they get the best out of their studies with RRC. Our Customer Care Team manages over 100 classroom courses a year and hundreds of customers at any one time. They respond to all customer requests and queries, manage classroom courses at multiple venues, visit venues, and print and despatch materials. Their aim is to help our students successfully complete their studies and enjoy their experience with RRC.

Team Leader - Nick
Customer Care Advisors – Donell, Sandra and Karen

RRC Examinations Team

Our Examinations Team deal with up to 10 sets of exams every month, arranging exam sittings for over 2,000 people every year and managing over 190 exam centres throughout the world. It is essential that the complex processes are followed so that everybody ends up sitting the right exam in the right place on the right day. The team liaise with students, exam centres, British Councils and awarding bodies to ensure our students can be confident their exams are all arranged for them, and can then concentrate on doing well.

Examinations Officers - Marlene, Karen, Alisha and Shannon

RRC Business Development

Our Business Development (Corporate) Team look after the specific needs of our corporate clients throughout the world. They manage key client expectations ensuring everything comes together faultlessly.

Business Development Team - Nick

RRC International Development 

Managing and supporting RRC’s International Offices and Partners the International Development Team ensure effective knowledge share and consistency of customer services throughout RRC’s offices.

International Operations Coordinator Charlene

RRC Course Management & Development Teams

Maintaining the quality and effectiveness of our tutors and courses is key to our students’ success.

RRC Course Management

Our Course Management team looks after the RRC tutor team, ensuring the tutors are approved by the relevant awarding bodies, understand the high standards we expect of them, and are in the right place at the right time.

Tutor Management Coordinator – Sheena

RRC Course Development Team

This team is tasked with maintaining around 135 distinct courses, 45 separate sets of course materials (in 7 different languages), 2 Law Guides and more than 50 revision and reference publications. All materials then need to be reviewed and updated every 3-6 months. They also develop newsletters and technical updates, as well as developing all of our new courses and student resources.

Head of Course Development - Nick

Maintenance Lead- Charmian
Product Liaison -
Development Lead – Laura
Course Developers - Terri, Gemma and Danielle

RRC Support Teams

Marketing & IT

Our Marketing and IT Team ensure our customers have clear information on our products and services. They maintain the many brochures and online references to RRC’s courses and organise attendance at exhibitions and conferences throughout the world. They also maintain and develop the crucial internal systems that manage all our training activities, websites and e-learning systems. It is essential that they make sure the IT works and assist others within the organisation improve their skills.

Marketing & IT Team – Richard, Emma, Ellen, Maria & Tunde


Along with the bookkeeping, reporting and legal compliance, they support all RRC teams to ensure we deliver good value to our customers and shareholders.

Finance Team –  Andrew, Elizabeth, & James

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