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A Guide to the IEMA Lead Environmental Auditor
A Guide to the IEMA Lead Environmental Auditor Book Image

A Guide to the IEMA Lead Environmental Auditor

Published on demand

A4 Full-colour Perfect Bound

This guide covers practical ways in which an organisation can reduce its impacts, both strategically and operationally. It looks at key environmental legislation and the relationships between UK, EC and international law, as well as reviewing the design and implementation of processes to assess, interpret and manage environmental performance.

This publication is aimed at those people who have a basic understanding of environmental issues and want to expand their knowledge.

Summary of contents:

  • Introduction to Environmental Issues
  • Background to Environmental Law
  • Controls on Emissions to Atmosphere
  • Waste Management
  • The Water Environment
  • Planning and Contaminated Land
  • Environmental Nuisance
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Framework for Managing Environmental Impacts
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Environmental Communications

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