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'Killjoys’, ‘Fun Police’, ‘Clipboard Clowns’ - these are terms you often see used in the media to describe the health and safety profession but we at RRC are having none of it! While the work that practitioners do is deadly serious, there’s no need to be humourless about it, and the same goes for your studies and training. Yes, you need to put in the hours and bury your head in the books but who says you can’t learn and laugh at the same time?

The RRC Tutor Blog

RRC’s top trainers share their thoughts on some of the trickier subject areas in the qualifications they teach, using examples as diverse as rock groups Hawkwind and the Dead Kennedys, and TV classics ‘Dad’s Army’ and ‘Citizen Smith’!

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RRC Podcasts

A historical but still relevant series of short podcasts featuring amusing (to some!) conversations between RRC’s expert trainers and guest contributors on all sorts of issues, including the business case for health and safety, IOSH CPD, work at height, stress, and health and safety myths.

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