RRC Guaranteed Ongoing Support


RRC Guaranteed Ongoing Support

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At RRC, we are passionate about our students being successful in whichever course they choose and will therefore fully support you throughout your studies.

We have great confidence that you will be able to pass your course first time and provide a comprehensive range of tools to help you do so. If however you are unfortunate enough to not pass, we will continue to support you in your studies, free of charge.

We appreciate that life isn’t always that straight forward and unexpected obstacles can often get in the way; even plans made with the best of intensions can go off track. If at any time you come across one of these challenges, within your study period, just let us know and we will negotiate a free extension for you.

How it works:

When enrolling onto your RRC course you will have a study period in which to complete your course. This ensures you have a realistic time frame to complete your first assessment and gives you something to work towards.

The support you receive continues right the way through to when you receive your results. If you are not successful, your support will continue until you successfully complete your assessments, provided you agree to a date to re-take the assessment, and pay the associated re-sit fees.

Courses Available:

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