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The the RRC archive, RRC’s legendary (!) podcast series features amusing (to some) conversations between RRC’s health and safety experts, guest contributors and a fictional disgruntled businessman played by Jon Glover, better known as Mr Cholmondley-Warner in the Harry Enfield TV sketches.

We recorded these short podcasts a few years ago now, but the range of health and safety issues they tackle are still topical, and they remain an entertaining and interesting source of information for HSE professionals employed across all sectors.

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Episode 24: IOSH Explains CPD
RRC's Director of Training David Towlson is joined by Hazel Harvey, the Professional Affairs Director of the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH). They discuss the whys and wherefores of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and help dispel many of the common misconceptions and myths about it. They also consider the idea that development forms an important part of any professional's working life. Like many other professional fields, health and safety is fast-changing; new skills, knowledge and processes need to be developed and shared by its practitioners.

Episode 23: International Health and Safety
David Towlson and Toby Moore discuss the importance of international bodies in setting health and safety standards. They are joined by Dee Arp of the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), who explains the international versions of both the popular NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

Episode 22: Exam Help From Goldilocks
David Towlson tries to persuade us that children's stories have a particular place in training. He is joined by Dee Arp of NEBOSH and together they attempt to convince the sceptical Toby Moore of the value of a closer understanding of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and exactly how it can help in exams.

Episode 21: Noise in the Entertainment Industry
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations came into effect in April 2006, but there was a two year transitional period to apply the regulations to the music and entertainment sectors. This podcast is a glimpse into the world of entertainment and the ways in which it is affected by the regulations. David Towlson is joined by Pinky Blue to discuss how she and her band Kafka's Five need to take the Control of Noise at Work Regulations into account.

Episode 20: Health and Safety Expert Witness
David Towlson is joined by Dr Ivan Vince, a health, safety and environmental consultant, who talks about some of his recent projects. These include: suspected chlorine poisoning at a local health club; hazards to the ecosystem from missile testing for the Ministry of Defence; the polluting effects of cremations for the Anglo-Hindu-Sikh society; and explosive investigations for the Buncefield inquiry. He discusses the whys and wherefores of each case and the outcomes.

Episode 19: Choosing a Training Provider
Can anyone deliver NEBOSH training and how do you know it's going to be any good? Matt Powell-Howard and Dee Arp from NEBOSH join David Towlson of RRC and discuss what NEBOSH is looking for in training providers wishing to deliver NEBOSH courses.

Episode 18: Improving Your Training
This episode looks at how to improve your training and enhance student learning. David Towlson is joined by educationalist Judith Morrissey who believes that the path to teaching excellence is self-reflection, talking loudly and a firm hand. Although this could work, we also explore more liberal approaches...

Episode 17: NEBOSH Exams - Revision
Tackling exams can be an unpleasant business. Even worse is the revision beforehand. Avoidance is always an option but here the team, together with Dee Arp of NEBOSH, give tips to students on getting through the process relatively unscathed.

Episode 16: Gas Safety
Recorded in support of the HSE campaign on Gas Safety. David Towlson, Toby Moore and John Caruthers discuss explosions, carbon monoxide, the law, precautions and, strangely, the Queen's corgis.

Episode 15: Beating Workplace Stress
Find out how to avoid stress, define clear responsibilities, maintain continuous two-way communication and offer relevant support. Mr John Caruthers has asked David Towlson to discuss how stress affects his workplace and staff, and what help health and safety professionals can provide to organisations who want to tackle work-related stress. The podcast references the HSE's "stress management standards", which define the characteristics of an organisation that manages workplace stress effectively.

Episode 14: NEBOSH Marking and Standards
Some think the NEBOSH exams are unattainable and riddled with unfairness and inconsistencies. The truth is quite different. In this podcast David Towlson and Dee Arp, Standards Manager at NEBOSH, dispel these and some other myths surrounding the NEBOSH Diploma. Meanwhile, John Caruthers, our resident devil's advocate, tries to gain the Diploma using only his wit, charm and... a credit card.

Episode 13: Falls From Vehicles
For this episode we move out of the studio and put some heavyweight truckers through their paces. We look at falls from vehicles and associated slips and trips in support of the HSE Falls From Vehicles Campaign. Now that's a load off our minds...

Episode 12: New Legislation
The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act came into effect in April. This new legislation reflects the fact that what is called 'culpable homicide' in Scotland is called 'manslaughter' in the rest of the UK. The new Act clarifies the legal situation and the obligations of businesses and the specific people involved. David Towlson explores the implications of relevant parts of the law for health and safety professionals.

Episode 11: The Environment
Businesses are often unaware of the real impacts of environmental change and the common grounds between the environment and health and safety. David Towlson and a particularly sceptical John Carruthers explore the scientific views of global warming and the four areas of the environment affected.

Episode 10: Slips
It's the holiday season, so we present a light-hearted glimpse at an important area of the hazards of party catering - slips. David Towlson and John Carruthers look at the chaos and problems caused by the office party including the slip-ups that often occur. They also consider some sensible solutions.

Episode 9: Business Case for Health and Safety
David Towlson and John Carruthers consider the business case for giving attention to health and safety.

Episode 8: Safety in the Office
Although offices are generally low risk environments, that doesn't mean to say we can ignore the hazards. Many of us work in offices or the home-office (excluding Ministers, of course, who may be out shopping). In this episode we take a look at slips, trips and falls, computers and portable electrical appliances.

Episode 7: Working at Height
David Towlson and the difficult John Carruthers are joined by Mark Thomas, a policy adviser for the Slips, Trips and Falls from Height programme from the Health and Safety Executive, and Mr Carruthers' new PA, Chardonnay. This podcast considers some of the difficulties of working at height and explains the HSE's ladder exchange scheme, which is aimed at ladder users and those who manage the work. For more information, it's worth checking the HSE website on ladders at http://www.hse.gov.uk/falls.

Episode 6: GHS Chemical Labelling
On June 27th 2007, the EU adopted a proposal from the European Commission for a regulation on the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). This proposal is just the first stage in the legislative process, so it will be a while yet before the GHS replaces the current system, but it is intended to bring a unified global approach to classifying and labelling chemicals, instead of the confusing regional variants we presently have. This podcast is a starting point towards raising your awareness in a light-hearted way.

Episode 5: REACH
The Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals EU Regulation came into force in June 2007. It's a complicated subject that has limited appeal to specialists in the chemical industry but its purpose is to protect all of us and make industry more responsible for the chemicals they produce. This podcast from David Towlson tries to clarify some of the issues so that you can work out where your CSA fits in your CSR; how to find EINECS on the ECB; the need to check out MUD and the difference between NONs and CHIP. It goes beneath all the jargon to explain the key points to REACH.

Episode 4: Health and Safety Myths
Every day there seems to be another story in the media about those mad and bad health and safety regulators. David Towlson looks at the truth behind some of them and listens to some complaints that aren't all they seem.

Episode 3: Safety Management Systems
Safety is increasingly being seen as a risk that needs to be managed, just like other aspects of a business. Business management systems have been used for many years, so why not apply them to safety too? RRC's David Towlson and John Carruthers discuss the ways to do it.

Episode 2: New 2007 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
David Towlson discusses the recent changes to the CDM regulations. These are not really earth-shattering, but instead constitute a logical pulling-together of what already existed in order to make the law clearer and responsibilities easier to understand. There is a new emphasis on communication, co-ordination and co-operation, with the old planning supervisor being replaced with a co-ordinator.

Episode 1: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO)
What do the recent changes to the fire regulations really entail? David Towlson tries to convince John Carruthers that it's all pretty clear and more straightforward than he imagines. Fire certificates are a thing of the past, but the same principles of assessing risk and implementing precautionary measures are still the backbone.

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