RRC Management and Support Services 

Managing Director – Gary

  • Key Skills – Managing complex business activities in multiple sites.

  • Role – To make sure all RRC operations run smoothly and excellent customer service is provided.

Directors – David, Hasan, Vicky and Andrew

  • Key Skills – Complementary skills providing the expertise needed to effectively manage a multinational training and consultancy business.

  • Role – To make sure RRC delivers its strategy and plans, ensuring quality standards are met, customers are listened to, and innovation is at the heart of all aspects of the business.

IT – Richard

  • Key Skills – Along with the technical skills, a customer focused collaborative approach.

  • Role – Maintaining and developing the crucial internal systems that manage all our training activities, websites and e-learning systems. Making sure the IT works and assisting others with improving their skills.

Marketing – Michael, Emma, Gary, Richard and Andrew

  • Key Skills – Communicating with our customers.

  • Role – Making sure our customers have clear information on our products and services. Maintaining the many brochures and online references to RRC’s courses, organising attendance at exhibitions and conferences throughout the world.

Finance – Andrew and Elizabeth

  • Key Skills – Financial Management & understanding the Business.

  • Role – Along with the book-keeping, reporting and legal compliance, they support all RRC teams to ensure we deliver good value to our customers and shareholders.

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