RRC Course Management & Development 

Maintaining the quality and effectiveness of our tutors and courses is key to our students’ success.


David - Director of Training and Quality.

This is David’s specialist area. His extensive knowledge and experience of HSE and training means he really understands what makes a good course and tutor.

RRC Course Management

Our Course Management team looks after the RRC tutor team, ensuring the tutors are approved by the relevant awarding bodies, understand the high standards we expect of them, and are in the right place at the right time.

Course Management Administrator – April

  • Key Skills – Attention to detail and an ability to anticipate the needs of our tutors before they do.
  • Role – Making sure our team of tutor/consultants are properly briefed and updated,  and allocated to the right job.  April also organises their travel and through monitoring performance, ensures quality standards are met.

RRC Course Development Team

This team is tasked with maintaining around 135 distinct courses, 45 separate sets of course materials (in 6 different languages), 2 Law Guides and more than 50 revision and reference publications. All materials then need to be reviewed and updated every 3-6 months.

They also develop newsletters and technical updates, as well as, developing all of our new courses and student resources.

Team Leader – Cindi

  • Key Skills – Project planning and managing consultant trainers in their role of developing and maintaining RRC’s Content.
  • Role – Making sure RRC’s courses are up to date, relevant and, most importantly, effective.

Course Developers – Charmian, Rachel and Joanna

  • Key Skills – Attention to detail, communication and an understanding of how people learn. 
  • Role – Liaising with RRC’s consultant/trainers to ensure our courses are technically accurate and user-friendly. Developing course materials, e-Learning courses and course presentations. Maintaining our content incorporating as necessary changes to syllabi.

Styling and Graphics  – Terri, with help from Justin and Richard

  • Key Skills – Attention to detail & appreciating how design can help our students learn. 
  • Role – Developing graphics, flash movies, videos, etc. and styling our course materials.
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