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RRC’s extremely popular range of revision guides combine concise revision notes with past exam questions and model answers, so you can practise your exam technique and understand the level of detail expected by the NEBOSH examiners to gain full marks.

Available for the majority of the NEBOSH courses we offer, RRC’s revision guides:

Provide a concise overview of all the key topics identified in the NEBOSH syllabus for the course.

Follow the relevant NEBOSH syllabus, so you can easily find the topics you are looking for and map them against your course notes.

Give you a good idea of what the NEBOSH examiners are looking for when they set exam questions.

Look at a variety of NEBOSH questions, so you will know what to expect.

The guides are supplied as either A5 printed booklets, or electronic PDF files. Current titles available are as follows:

NOTE: Currently, RRC’s revision publications contain a mixture of genuine past exam questions and exam-style questions. However, as a result of NEBOSH’s new approach to its own examiners’ reports and guides, in which it now focuses on examination technique and learning outcomes rather than detailed reviews of specific questions, we will no longer have permission to reproduce actual exam questions after April 2015.

Between now and then, we will be reviewing our guides to remove any genuine past exam questions and replace them with ‘exam-style’ questions. Many of RRC’s tutors are, or have been, NEBOSH examiners, so they are very familiar with the type of questions actually asked, and the type of answers typically expected. Rest assured, therefore, that the information and guidance contained in our revision publications will remain invaluable to your NEBOSH exam preparation.

The new-style NEBOSH examiners’ reports and guides can be downloaded from the NEBOSH website free of charge.

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