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Good Quality Training is what our customers want, whether they are an individual looking to develop their career or organisation seeking to improve business performance. All RRC’s training courses are designed to deliver the knowledge and understanding required to achieve the course objectives and from this pass the assessment/exam. This not only delivers excellent pass rates but learners who are able to retain and apply the knowledge gained during the course.

The Key to Effective Training

  • Expert trainers
    No matter what or how you study with RRC the key influence on you success will be your RRC Trainer.  Our team of health, safety and environmental experts develop the technical course content, deliver our classroom training and support our distance/e-learning students. The team combines practitioners and academics all fully qualified and highly experienced in both their subjects and delivering effective training.  Many also act as examiners for awarding bodies, including some with chief examiner roles.
  • High-Quality Learning Materials
    Our Trainer team work closing with our in-house Course Development Team to develop and maintain our courses.  Only the very best subject experts work on our courses, collaborating with the educational and design experts in our Course Development Team.  The more obvious results are our highly respected study materials but there is a lot more with everything needed to support our trainers and learners whether they are studying in a classroom or on-line.
  • Excellence in Customer Service
    Pulling all of this together is our Customer Services Team, making sure our learners get the information and support they need, the trainers to the right place on the right day with the right materials, exams booked throughout the world, certificates sent, etc etc.  The absolute attention to detail and a real sense of pride in giving great customer service, wins this team much deserved praise from our customers. 

Choosing your Learning Method

There are many considerations in choosing the right learning method with location, time and price being the main considerations.  Other factors are more about individual preferences with some learning better in a class others preferring to learn by reading, a simple internet search will provide a wealth of advice on what learning method you are most suited to but most people can effectively adapt to all methods.
RRC offer the following learning methods for most of our courses:

  • Classroom delivery by RRC’s expert tutors available in RRC Centres and In-Company

    • UK: London, Birmingham, Chorley, Newcastle
    • International: Bahrain, Dubai, Georgia, Ghana , Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey

  • Flexible online training, fully tutor supported by our expert trainers

    • Available 24/7 worldwide
    • 150 RRC exam centres in over 100 countries
    • Comes with downloadable study materials for offline study
  • Traditional Distance Learning, text based with tutor support

    • Only limited internet access needed
    • Arabic, French and Spanish NEBOSH International Certificate courses available

  • Structured combination of classroom training and e-Learning

    • Available for NEBOSH Diploma and NEBOSH International Certificate
    • London, Bahrain & Dubai
    • In-Company available for most courses
  • Short online courses delivering key skills, designed to be successfully completed without trainer support

    • Available 24/7 worldwide
    • Online assessment with dowloadable certificate
  • Revision support of NEBOSH Diploma & Certificate course

    • Revison Workshops - London
    • Revision Guides - Summary of key topics and guidance on how to tackle exam questions
  • RRC Publications essential learning and reference materials

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Learning with RRC
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